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Tribute to Mahler / online

Veroslav Bergr devoted his life to painting while mastering a wide range of art techniques and discovering two of them himself. He illustrated a number of books written by his wife, who was a significant poet and translator by the name of Zdenka Bergrova. As a boy he believed he would fly in his own hand-built aeroplane and he did not give up on any of his dreams even when old now.

Intentionally Upstream / online

She could have been our president. Czech actress and civic activist Tatana Fischerova had a very interesting and fruitful life. By running for the presidency in the first presidential election at large she proved that you do not need the money of the powerful ones and that every single individual can change things for the better. Further ways and possibilities are outlined in her book titled Love does not rule, love creates.

Bowstring of The Dream / in production

Petr Nikl is yet another distinctive artist whose scope is as wide as it is deep. His unmistakable poetics is reflected in his musical compositions and unforgettable theatre performances. He leaves the hectic Prague where he works for New York on regular basis, where he finds peace, rest and inspiration.

Spectrum / in production

The choir leader Jan Stanek founded the Spectrum choir, which one of the best choirs in overtone singing. Spiritual compositions that constitute the basic repertory of the choir gain yet another dimension through the most beautiful instruments of all – human voice. This gets us in even tighter connection with the Source and ourselves.

From Vltava to Hudson River / in production

People say that whatever you say about New York is true. Let´s ask the people who left Prague, which is one of the most beautiful cities of our planet as foreigners often times say and let´s get surprised by how Czech-born artists see New York and what favourite places alongside the Hudson River will they take us to. Wake up in a city that doesn't sleep..

Vocation Composer / coming soon

Although Lubor Lauterbach studied medicine he never practiced it by coincidence. He quietly composes on an upright piano out of tune in his bachelor flat on one of the famous Prague´s housing estates while piling up manuscripts in different corners of his flat. Let´s pick a few and listen to his story.


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